Welcome to Our Colourful Journey!

This is the place where we tell you all about our adventures on this beautiful planet. We are Laura and Marine, a Brazilian-French couple who shares common passions: exploring, photography, and filmmaking.

Laura and Marine showing their love to the world in London
Taken by the wonderful Jaki on a cold and windy day in London.

Who are we?

A little about Marine…

A picture of Marine next to a text that presents her

Marine is the French half of the couple. She spent her childhood in various places in the world. Born in France, Marine immediately moved to Senegal where she learned how to walk and speak. Together with her family, they moved back to France to be closer to her grandparents. In 2011, they decided to move to Thailand, where Marine learned English and finished high school. She moved to England in 2015 to study Psychology.

A little about Laura…

Laura, the Brazilian half of the couple, was born and grew up in Brazil. She was lucky enough to live in various countries. Indeed, Laura lived with her family in the United States, and she also spent some time living and studying in Canada. Laura started studying Biology at a university in Brazil, but eventually, in 2017 she decided to move to England, where she continued her studies. As a result, it happened to be in the university in which Marine was already studying.

A picture of Laura, next to a text that presents her

How about the two of us…

Our paths crossed in 2019, in the library of our university. We soon started talking and became close friends. Shortly after, we realised that we felt way more than just a friendship. We were not in a relationship yet, we were already planning a holiday together. This lead to us spending two weeks together, first in Paris, then in Madrid, during the summer. It was during this trip that we realized that we could spend all of our time together without wanting to murder one another. We also discovered how in love we were with each other and started dating on July 1st, 2019.

What to expect…

Since we have been planning our next trips and adventures. We decided to create this blog to share this journey with you, hoping to inspire you and help you choose your next travel destination.  In this blog, you can thus expect to find: various travel guides and tips, information and advice on traveling as an LGBT+ couple (and many other LGBT+ topics), tips on living a more sustainable life (featuring vegan recipes and guides), advice on mental health, and, above all, inspiration and a lot of love!

Join us on our colourful journey around the world and come explore with us.

We would love to have you on board!

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