Firstly, we want to thank you for your interest to work with us.

We are Laura and Marine, a French and Brazilian couple who shares a common passion for traveling, and exploring the world. We like to create inspiring and relatable content for our audience on our social media platforms.

What do we do?

We document and share our exciting trips using photography, videography, storytelling, and blog posts. Through this documentation, we want to spread messages about a sustainable lifestyle, as well as various travel tips and guides. As a lesbian couple, we want to provide our community with helpful tips on traveling as an LGBT+ couple. Essentially, we want to produce relatable content, that will allow anyone to plan their own colourful journey!

Our content is for anyone with a desire to travel, live more sustainably, or with an interest in our journey. Our goal is to inspire everyone to explore the world, and show that it does not have to be expensive. Most importantly, as we deeply care about the environment, we want to inspire people to live more sustainably. Thus, providing them with tips, alternatives and vegan recipes that have less of an impact on our beautiful planet.

Why work with us?

We fully believe in having an honest and trustworthy relationship with our audience; thus, we only accept to work with brands and companies whose values align with ours. Only brands and products we would use ourselves, or genuinely believe our audience would love, will be endorsed by us. Deception is something we refuse to live by when developing a loyal audience, as we believe in full honesty and transparency.

We like to create high-quality, colourful, and creative content for companies and brand advertisements. This can be done in any preferred form, such as photography, videography, storytelling, and various texts. Alongside you, we will develop a perfect plan for your brand, product, and/or service. To sum up, we are happy to discuss any potential projects or ideas via email.

What can we offer?


We always aim to create high-quality content in various forms: photography, videography, storytelling, or specific posts. Due to the international nature of our couple, we offer to create content in our native languages: Portuguese and French.


After discussing with you a marketing plan, we will promote your brand, product, or service on our social media platforms. We both have a common Instagram account, that you can find here. We also have personal accounts with more than 13k followers each where we follow the same values. Therefore, we are open to promoting on all three social media accounts. You can check Laura’s account here, and Marine’s account here.


We are open to forming a sponsored content partnership with brands and companies whose values align with ours. This will make your brand more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of our audience.


We are open to developing long-term partnerships with brands and destinations that will be exciting to us and our audience.

  • FREELANCE (Photography, Videography, Writing)
  • REVIEWS (Brand, Hotel, Product)

We are open to leaving genuine and honest reviews for brands, hotels, destinations, products, and services. Our reviews will always be based on what we truly believe and feel, regardless of the brand or company.

For inquiries regarding business, press, or collaborations, and media kit requests, please email