Easiest Fluffy Vegan Pancakes

Don’t we all just love having a couple (okay.., more than that!) of pancakes for breakfast – or any other time of the day? And by pancakes, I mean the real pancakes, not my beautiful french crepes. I’ve tried to make fluffy pancakes many, many times. I think I have now come up with the easiest fluffy vegan pancakes recipe!

I always thought that being vegan meant I had to stop eating a lot of my favourite food. Including pancakes. I was convinced there was no way to make them without eggs. So, here I was, doing a lot of research on how to make vegan versions of them.

I tried so many different ways, experimenting with baking powder and vinegar. I would always end up getting pancakes that tasted horrible. They were either too bitter or had a weird pungent taste. One day, I wanted to make Laura such a nice breakfast and made a whole lot of batter. I cooked all of the pancakes, and everything was ready. It smelled delicious. Then we took a bite… Never had I eaten something as disgusting as the pancakes I made that day!

I was surprised that eggs were definitely not an irreplaceable ingredient. I am actually questioning what is the need for eggs in the normal recipe. Is it to hold everything together? Is it for the colour? I know that in some crepe recipes, we (french people) sometimes just put the yolk to have this beautiful golden colour.

Enough blablating, here is how to make the easiest fluffy vegan pancakes!

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Have you done anything differently?

Recipe to make the fluffy vegan pancakes

Did you make these fluffy vegan pancakes?

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